Hi guys!!!!

I made it to the Sao Paulo CTM! We have been here for about an hour. I have all of my luggage and everything is great! AND HOT! It is way humid here, but so beautiful. So Sao Paulo to me is like China and mexico had a baby. It is super City, but also a little bit dirty and colorful witrh sky scrapers and rinky dink little houses all jammed together. It is maddness! The CTM is one big building that looks small but is bigger than it seems. my window has bars and no glass!

So guess what!?! I gave out my first pass along card yesterday. On the air plane to atlanta I was sitting next to this cute old couple from Alabama. She was 76 and he was 91! It was kinda scary, but it was so good.
 Its weird that I am actually here! You guys! I got like no sleep last night, maybe 3 hours max. and it is 12 pm. Hopefullully I can stay awake till at least 9. tuesday to wednesday seems like one day. I am excited to get started, and actually understand people! talk to you later! I am going to eat some brazilian lunch now!
Love you! write me sadie hunter and ammo!
I love all of you!
Sister Sinclair (I have a name tag)!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Arrived

  1. Wow! So exciting, you are going to be so awesome. We love you and are praying for you. So proud. It’s kind of fun to see Sister Sinclair in writing, it’s been 27 years ago I wrote to Sister Sinclair.
    Love Always and Forever
    Uncle Glenn


  2. Congrats Adrena, so exciting. Crazy humidity, at least it’s good for your skin. We love and miss you. 😘 Aunt Shelina

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