First Contact Since Entering MTC

Family and Friends,

The CTM (MTC) is crazy! I’m so sad that you were sick! Today was my first P day! Holy cow! It has been a super long week! I was super overwhelmed the first 2-3 days! It was so hard mentally and physically, because we literally sat all day till 9:30-45 pm studying, studying, studying! Our first day of activida fisica was Monday! I was dying! Dieing? I can’t English any more.

I have learned so much Portuguese! I understand most of what is going on all the time. It is way different than Español. I made a goal to not listen to devotionals in English, (they translate them.) My brain is on overload all the time! It is crazy! We sit by native speakers at lunch, and talk.

My comp is the best! Sister Thueson!  I love her! She is such a beast! We get along super well! She took a semester of Portuguese before the mish, so she has helped me a ton!

So most nights I wake up in the middle, and am thinking Portuguese words, and translating them! It is seriously the weirdest thing ever!

We have taught 5 lessons to an investigator, in Portuguese! She legit doesn’t speak English. This last lesson, I was able to talk with barely any notes!

The food is good, mild, and sometimes bland, and lots of fruit! Eo AMO!!!

I love you so much! I KNOW THAT, this is good, and I am supposed to be here!

I miss you and love you so much.


-Adrena (sister Sinclair still feels weird) haha!


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