In the Field!

Oi Familia!

I am so glad that you are doing great and loving colombia! I am alive! My card wast working at the airport. I tried to call! I was so sad about that! The airport in Santa Maria is an airforce base, and they have one public flight a day! We flew to porto alege, then Santa Maria!
We arrived and ate lunch with the mission president. He is alright. His wife loves health and dosent allow soda, or refined sugar. Yay! I am so glad about this! I talked to all of the sisters, and many of them have gained weight!! Not me. I will not.
Minha Companheira is sister Alencar. She is pretty awesome. She is a convert to the church, and is engaged to another missionary!!! Nossa! Her testimony is so strong.
My Area is Uruguaiana! We border Argentina!!!!! We are so close to the border!!! we touch the border! On our door is a sign that sayes do not cross the border or you  will be sent home! We are allowed to cross into uruguay though. but that is not my area.
I am doing fine, still adjusting, and it is hard. As of now we have no pesquisadors progredindo. We have a couple of contacts that seem promisimng, so we will see! My comp dosent know the city, so the majority of the time has been spent procurando. We are buying a map today, and I am learinnig fast my way around.
I for sure would not be here if it wasnt for my testimony. That is what makes  it all worth while. Thank you family for being so loving. I love you so much. until next week!

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