Nossa! This week was crazy! I have learned a ton, and continue to see the Lords hand in my life. I have a bunch of photos, but the thing isn’t working! I have a photo for Sadie saying happy birthday, and also a photographed letter! I don’t have much time, but I will do my best to explain my week!

This week was so great! We have new pesquisadors!!! Yay! One has a daughter that is a member, and we found him while knocking doors! Yay! He is so interested! His daughter lives with her mom, and is in a different ward! I am so excited to see how it plays out!!
Pascoa was yesterday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MC SAY-SAY!!!! I love you!!! We got some cool Easter candy from the ward members! So Sweet!
I have figured out that I can not eat a lot for lunch, or I will be sick. I have been bringing fruit in my bag, and will purchase granola bars!
It was way cold for like 2 days, and now it is normal again!!! Nossa!
I am learning sempre, and am finding more ways to be humble! I love you! Photos next week!

One thought on “Nossa!

  1. We love you Sister Sinclair and pray for you always. We are so happy that you see the Lord’s blessing in every thing you do that I’ll make a huge difference in what you accomplish for Him.
    Can you buy glutten free flour there?


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