2 Months Out

Guess what!!!! I have officially been a missionary for 2 months! Haha! Its a big deal!

This week was interesting. We are currently teaching 2 families, and it is so great!
We live in an apartment with two other sisters in a different area. Our neighbor across the hall is not a member. She is so sweet, and she loves talking to us, and reads the book of Mormon every day! We invited her to attend conference with us, and she wanted to attend in casa, because of the internet. She was so excited when we told her about the prophet!
This week I was sooo sick on Friday. I could hardly do anything. I was dehydrated and my stomach hurt soo bad. It was sooo hot. We returned home and called sister Parella. She is a crazy health nut! She told me that the medicine I was taking was making me sick, and I needed to do all these crazy things with limes and such, I was on a really strict diet, and now I feel loads better!
Conference was great!!! I loved hearing in Portuguese! So legit!!!
 I talked with sister porter there! She is so great!!! I love her! I have been so blessed by her! She is an amazing missionary!
 I love you all!12440721_10208805221677896_2417636552326811312_o

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