This week was so great! I really feel like I am progressing as a missionary.

We taught one of our neighbors in the appartment, and……. he is athiest! Man that was crazy! Vernen, and his girlfriend Barbara. She is Catholic, and has so much faith!!! It was way fun teaching them, because he had no prior beleifs about God, and understood completely what we taught. He has had a really difficult life, that caused him to not believe, we invited him to pray, and read the book of mormon. Barbara loves hearing our message! She has so much faith!!
Felipe e Tonya, They are a family we are teaching, and they are golden, this week we taught the word of wisdom, and tonya has a real problem with drinking coffee, she commited to stop drinking! We encounter a new child of theirs every lesson! It is incredible!!! We gave her a book of mormon. We were sitting the day after, relocating our day, and guess who walked by! Tonya and her daughter!!! We talked about the book of mormon, and she started to cry! She received a response! Incredible!
We taught a lesson to a mom and daughter, they live in front of our appt. Turns out they had a book of mormon, the mom wasnt really interested, this was sat. but the daughter was, she came to church with us!!!!! It was amazing!!!
Yesterday we planned out our entire week! We have 14 marked lessons with people fron yesterday!
I am so thankful for my savior, and this opportunity to learn and grow! I know this church is true. I am learning and being molded as a person.

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