You guys! Guess what! I am getting a new companheira! Sister Barbosa, she is from Peru! I will stay here in Uruguaia, and sister Alencar will be transferred for Cruz Alta! This transfer has been madness! I really have learned so much from Sister Alencar. We have grown together. I have learned to love and have patience, and really rely on my savior.

This week we encountered an elate! Juan. He is 14 years old. We taught the plan of salvation to him, and he asked at the end, “but how will I know that I received an answer from God that this is true?” Holy cow! He went to church, and really can feel the spirit. It is amazing how our father in heaven prepares his people.
This transfer will be a transfer of miracles! I can feel it! When we trust in Him miracles happen! Two weeks ago the Elders of Setembrino got robbed, and Elder Marcelino lost all of his money. This week transfers fell, and what we do is buy the ticket, and get reembursed. We were leaving the house to lunch, and I had the strongest impression to put 50 reais in my bag. ($12) I don’t know why, i never put money in my bag, and if I do, it is like 5 reais. So I did, and later that day we were at lunch, and elder m called, and asked if we could help out, and it ended up that he needed exactly that amount to buy the bus ticket. Wow Our father in heaven is looking out for E marcelino! He is going to be Zone leader in his new area! 
I can NOT believe that Ammo is all grown up!!! Holy cow!! I love you! Until next week!


This week has been a week of refreshment! I can not even begin! Last week was a little slow, but this week we really regained focus, and taught with power! Also I have encountered my personality a new! It is such a refreshing feeling. For the whole time I have been serving I have been, (and still am), learning how to communicate. I have gotten to the point where I can truly, for the most part, express what I desire in Portuguese! I can joke, and laugh, and relate lessons to real life situations.

 I am starting to know how to apply the principles of the gospel to peoples situations. Heavenly Father has been here helping me line upon line. It is crazy when you change, each day you do not feel a difference, but when you look back you see the progress that only comes from daily work.
I am truly thankful for this edifying experience, and am loving every minute.
We had a lesson with a family, there was the husband, 18 years old, the wife 37 years old, their 2 month old baby, and the daughter of the wife 20 years, and her baby of 15 days. It was one of the most spiritual lessons I have ever had. We taught the restauration, focusing on the importance of family. Heaven is so close with those little ones. I can not even explain how precious that moment was. They really felt the love of our father in heaven.
That is truly the reason we are here, to help people encounter true meaning in their lives.
I love you! Happy early birthday whit! Happy graduation this week you grads! Stay fresh!
-Sister Sinclair

Ate O Po


This week was a little interesting in reguards to work. It was really hard to encounter people at home. We walked and knocked “ate o po!” It was a little difficult, but nothing we can´t handle! Simply cary on and continue doing the work of the Lord.
We encountered a woman, Siomara. She is about 40 ish, and is elate! We gave her the first discussion, and at the end she asked “so if I receive a response that what you are teaching is true, I will need to be baptized? YES! Exactly! That is it! This is the stuff! I really hope that she progresses!
We had stake conference this week. It was really spiritual, and really helped me regain focus! President Parrela and his wife spoke! They are really great!
I can´t even beleive I am really serving the lord! Sometimes we are walking the streets and I genuinely forget that i am in another country, speaking another language, and helping real people! I Love it so much!

I am also learning how to cook brasilian food!
This week I have comenced speaking in every day lingo, and telling stories! It is so exciting and really a miracle of our father in heaven!
I love this work, and learn new things every day! I love you!

First Baptism

Yesterday was so amazing! I could not stop smiling and laughing! It was so so amazing to see all of you! Holy cow! I could hardly hold it in!

 I´m also a little ashamed! Because I could not speak for the life of me! Ahh! Holy cow! I could not beleive how hard it was to speak my native language! My brain is like a pot of soup. Everything is all mixed together! It is rough! Haha! My family was laughing so much! I kept flipping over to portuguese! I am in that inbetween zone, where I cant speak english or portuguese! But it is good! I am learning a ton!
Huntie got his braces off, and Sadie May is 5`1″! I can not beleive what 3 months has done!!! You guys! Stop growing up!
This week I had my very first baptism! Kimberly! She has such a strong testimony! She truly knows these things are true. I am so thankful for her example for me, and for all of her family. She is a little sassy! She is Hilarious! We were talking to her with a bunch of other members after the baptism, and she said something along the lines of “Okay! You guys can all leave, because I am the only one without sins here” Haha!
We are also building a relatioship with her family, and will most likely start teaching them this week.
We ran into a bunch of new investigators this week too! I am excited to see the progress! I love this work, and the ability I have in to be a part of this process!
Until next week!
-Sister SinclairDSC01675DSC01676DSC01677