First Baptism

Yesterday was so amazing! I could not stop smiling and laughing! It was so so amazing to see all of you! Holy cow! I could hardly hold it in!

 I´m also a little ashamed! Because I could not speak for the life of me! Ahh! Holy cow! I could not beleive how hard it was to speak my native language! My brain is like a pot of soup. Everything is all mixed together! It is rough! Haha! My family was laughing so much! I kept flipping over to portuguese! I am in that inbetween zone, where I cant speak english or portuguese! But it is good! I am learning a ton!
Huntie got his braces off, and Sadie May is 5`1″! I can not beleive what 3 months has done!!! You guys! Stop growing up!
This week I had my very first baptism! Kimberly! She has such a strong testimony! She truly knows these things are true. I am so thankful for her example for me, and for all of her family. She is a little sassy! She is Hilarious! We were talking to her with a bunch of other members after the baptism, and she said something along the lines of “Okay! You guys can all leave, because I am the only one without sins here” Haha!
We are also building a relatioship with her family, and will most likely start teaching them this week.
We ran into a bunch of new investigators this week too! I am excited to see the progress! I love this work, and the ability I have in to be a part of this process!
Until next week!
-Sister SinclairDSC01675DSC01676DSC01677

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