Ate O Po


This week was a little interesting in reguards to work. It was really hard to encounter people at home. We walked and knocked “ate o po!” It was a little difficult, but nothing we can´t handle! Simply cary on and continue doing the work of the Lord.
We encountered a woman, Siomara. She is about 40 ish, and is elate! We gave her the first discussion, and at the end she asked “so if I receive a response that what you are teaching is true, I will need to be baptized? YES! Exactly! That is it! This is the stuff! I really hope that she progresses!
We had stake conference this week. It was really spiritual, and really helped me regain focus! President Parrela and his wife spoke! They are really great!
I can´t even beleive I am really serving the lord! Sometimes we are walking the streets and I genuinely forget that i am in another country, speaking another language, and helping real people! I Love it so much!

I am also learning how to cook brasilian food!
This week I have comenced speaking in every day lingo, and telling stories! It is so exciting and really a miracle of our father in heaven!
I love this work, and learn new things every day! I love you!

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