This week has been a week of refreshment! I can not even begin! Last week was a little slow, but this week we really regained focus, and taught with power! Also I have encountered my personality a new! It is such a refreshing feeling. For the whole time I have been serving I have been, (and still am), learning how to communicate. I have gotten to the point where I can truly, for the most part, express what I desire in Portuguese! I can joke, and laugh, and relate lessons to real life situations.

 I am starting to know how to apply the principles of the gospel to peoples situations. Heavenly Father has been here helping me line upon line. It is crazy when you change, each day you do not feel a difference, but when you look back you see the progress that only comes from daily work.
I am truly thankful for this edifying experience, and am loving every minute.
We had a lesson with a family, there was the husband, 18 years old, the wife 37 years old, their 2 month old baby, and the daughter of the wife 20 years, and her baby of 15 days. It was one of the most spiritual lessons I have ever had. We taught the restauration, focusing on the importance of family. Heaven is so close with those little ones. I can not even explain how precious that moment was. They really felt the love of our father in heaven.
That is truly the reason we are here, to help people encounter true meaning in their lives.
I love you! Happy early birthday whit! Happy graduation this week you grads! Stay fresh!
-Sister Sinclair

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