You guys! Guess what! I am getting a new companheira! Sister Barbosa, she is from Peru! I will stay here in Uruguaia, and sister Alencar will be transferred for Cruz Alta! This transfer has been madness! I really have learned so much from Sister Alencar. We have grown together. I have learned to love and have patience, and really rely on my savior.

This week we encountered an elate! Juan. He is 14 years old. We taught the plan of salvation to him, and he asked at the end, “but how will I know that I received an answer from God that this is true?” Holy cow! He went to church, and really can feel the spirit. It is amazing how our father in heaven prepares his people.
This transfer will be a transfer of miracles! I can feel it! When we trust in Him miracles happen! Two weeks ago the Elders of Setembrino got robbed, and Elder Marcelino lost all of his money. This week transfers fell, and what we do is buy the ticket, and get reembursed. We were leaving the house to lunch, and I had the strongest impression to put 50 reais in my bag. ($12) I don’t know why, i never put money in my bag, and if I do, it is like 5 reais. So I did, and later that day we were at lunch, and elder m called, and asked if we could help out, and it ended up that he needed exactly that amount to buy the bus ticket. Wow Our father in heaven is looking out for E marcelino! He is going to be Zone leader in his new area! 
I can NOT believe that Ammo is all grown up!!! Holy cow!! I love you! Until next week!

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