Opposite of Warm

This week it rained down from the heavens!!! We had so much rain this weekend! I cant believe that you guys are really in china! I am so glad that you all are doing so well, and that the camps are all functioning!

Here it is the opposite of warm haha! We have been working so hard to get new investigators, and really teach with the spirit! Miracles happen when you put your trust in the lord. He always provides! We are still teaching Leticia, and she is so diligent in reading the scriptures! She even marked the ones that she liked! Holy cow!
We had a couple of sick days, but continued on through the flu! And you know what! We had some of the most spiritual experiences that day than I have ever had in my life. I know that Heavenly father is preparing a way for each of His children , and I love this work!

Holy Cow

This week was super legit! We had divisions with the Sister training leaders. I got to work with sister Moss, She is from Utah, and is super legit! She has a year out on the field. She shared with me various tips, and tricks for teaching, and learning the language. I love it when I have an opportunity to work with Americans, to remember things, and talk about food! Haha! It was so great!

This week we had a really cool experience! We went to remark a lesson with an investigator, because they weren’t home. When we arrived, Andrese told us that she was super bummed that she wasn’t home when we had marked, and started talking about how she loved the lesson that we had together (plan of Salvation). She takes care of an elderly person for work, and encountered a book of Mormon at the house and started to read. She explained all of this for us, then asked “when you come on Tuesday could you bring one of those books?” And we were like, “well actually we have one right here, you can start reading it in preparation for our next visit”!
Wow! Holy cow! It was amazing! The Lord works in mysterious ways! He is truly paving the path for these people to receive the gospel.
I love you! Have a great time in China y-all!

Found her records…

So we have a circus that is right in front of our house! It is super legit, they showed up about a month ago, and have been here ever since. Haha every single night they play the same show, and we can hear the music, they play all of the songs in frozen. All of them!

This week the cold hit! Wow! There was frost everywhere when we went to woke up our investigators for church! WOW!
We have a couple of families that we are teaching right now, and it is amazing to see the gospel blessing families!
We received a reference from a member of a family that recently moved, Juliana in, and we started out teaching, and it was pretty normal, she told us about various trials in her life, she was addicted to drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, but totally changed her life.We started teaching the plan of salvation when 1/2 way through the lesson, she interrupted, and said wait a minute, I think I was baptized into your church when I was ten, by my uncle, but I don’t know for sure. She explained how the baptism went, and we were like, yup you were baptized. We wrote down her full name and she told us that she got baptized in another church, and felt super bad. Super! She told us that if we found her records, she would return. She said that she felt as though her life went down the path it did, because she didn’t follow the path of the mormons. WOW!
We had a big responsibility to find her records! Guess What! She was in fact baptized! We found her records! Heavenly Father really is preparing a path for each of His children. I am so thankful to be a part of this work!


You Guys!!! I have a new Companheira!!!! SISTER BARBOZA!!! She is peruana! She is super legit! She has 7 months in the field! I cant believe it! We get along so well! She is one of the most spiritual people I have ever met! Poderoso!

We had zone conference this week too! the last conf with President Parrela. It was so great! I saw sister Gibson there, and met sister Lipps! She is from Cali!
This week was so great! When you have the spirit with you you can work miracles!
We played volleyball as a district today and ate lunch together! It was so great!