Holy Cow

This week was super legit! We had divisions with the Sister training leaders. I got to work with sister Moss, She is from Utah, and is super legit! She has a year out on the field. She shared with me various tips, and tricks for teaching, and learning the language. I love it when I have an opportunity to work with Americans, to remember things, and talk about food! Haha! It was so great!

This week we had a really cool experience! We went to remark a lesson with an investigator, because they weren’t home. When we arrived, Andrese told us that she was super bummed that she wasn’t home when we had marked, and started talking about how she loved the lesson that we had together (plan of Salvation). She takes care of an elderly person for work, and encountered a book of Mormon at the house and started to read. She explained all of this for us, then asked “when you come on Tuesday could you bring one of those books?” And we were like, “well actually we have one right here, you can start reading it in preparation for our next visit”!
Wow! Holy cow! It was amazing! The Lord works in mysterious ways! He is truly paving the path for these people to receive the gospel.
I love you! Have a great time in China y-all!

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