I am getting transferred! Holy Guacamole! I will be going to Santiago, and I will be companions with Sister Da Silva! I can´t even believe it! I am super excited! Also I literally am  copying sister Porter, because she was companions with her there too! Small world.

This transfer has been amazing! I have learned so much! I love love love Sister Barboza! She is so great! I am sad to be leaving her! She will be companions with Sister Gibson, from my group! She is literally the funniest person alive! In the MTC We cried of laughter many times!
We also got to know our new president on Saturday. He is so spiritual, I really feel like he loves us.
I am loving the mission and look forward to the changes, and challenges that will come with it!

I love you! Have a marvelous time in China for your last few days, and Be safe!

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One thought on “Transferred!

  1. Sister Sinclair!! Did you already get transferred?? I Haven’t gotten all your group emails:/ maybe it’s because the fam was in China! I’m missing you mucho!! I’m moved to Cali and currently job searching lol. Super fun! Not! I am missing you a lot! I was feeling down in the dumps about not having a job and missing my family this weekend. I looked up a ward and went to a young singles adult ward yesterday!! It seriously brought me so much peace! I have been reading my scriptures and praying daily because I can seriously feel a difference in my day if I do vs. if I don’t. I know my savior loves me and you and I’m seriously so proud of you! I love you mucho aloto!!


    Taryn 😘

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