This week was super great! We have been working a lot with the youth to really get more people to teach. This week we organized a video game tournament with a less active, and invited everyone! It was a huge success, and we got some new people to teach! The Brother that organized it, also went to church this Sunday, along with some other less actives! it was so great!

This week we also had some funny experiences too! We had a surprise district meeting with the president and his wife, and a surprise inspection of the house! It was so great! our Mission president is so spiritual, and kind. He really seeks to know us personally, and he has only been here for 3 weeks! Sister Louza is amazing too! I love them both!
We had a big fat guy that stopped us on the street, and said “Do you spek engris?” I said yes, and he stated “speaking English” but was really just saying things like ” ihs ghuodh ghjrnjdh” Haha! it was so funny! Sister Da Silva was fooled by my replies of “uhu, yeah, sim” and thought that he was actually speaking! haha! We nearly died of laughter!
Santiago really is a special place! I can not even express how much I love it here! This week was a little warmer! It was so great!
I love this work! There is no place I’d rather be! I love sister Da Silva! She is Hilarious! We get along so well, and work together.
I know that the Lord wants us to be happy, and really needs each one of us, for the qualities that we have. I love you! Ate Mais!

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