The Big 6

Hey guys! Guess what! I officially have 6 months as a missionary! Can you believe it?!?!?! Me Neither! It is so crazy how fast time flies by! I feel like it was just last month when I was preparing to serve! This work is truly amazing, and I know the Lord loves His children! My companion also hit the 1 year mark! She was so excited! I made brownies for her! She loved it! Haha!

We have been working a bunch with less actives, and new members.
 We ran into a woman the other day, made contactunnamed-1unnamed-2unnamed-3unnamed-4, and got her address, and it went really well! totally normal, and guess what! the next day we were talking with a less active who gave us a reference of her friend! Who was the same woman!!! It was so crazy! I know that Heavenly Father is preparing these people to hear the gospel!
He really has a plan all worked out that we just need to follow his direction.
I love you!

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