Miracles in the Missões

Hey Yáll!

This week has been a crazy good one! My new companion Sister Cruz-Souza arrives on Tuesday! She is so amazing!!! One of the hardest workers I have ever met! She has lost 100 pounds, 46-kilos here on the mission! She is a true inspiration, and a really lovely person.
We have had a lot of miracles this week! We made contact with a girl who was about 14, and usually the people aren’t very receptive, but she said “you can come to my house, my mom and I will be waiting!” She said it like 4 times! It was so crazy! You guys; that just doesn’t happen!
On Thursday we decided to go explore a part of our area that I had never been. We arrived in the neighborhood missões and decided to start knocking doors. I asked Sister Cruz-Souza, what road we should take, and we decided on one and off we went. We knocked 4 doors. Of those 4 doors, 3 of them let us in to teach a lesson, and the other was a member! Wow!
I know that the Lord truly directs this work. He puts us in a position where we cant do anything except go forward with faith! You never know what will happen when you put your trust in the Lord, but he will direct your paths!
Congrats Ash and Kyle! I am beyond happy for you guys!
Until next week!
-Sister Sinclair

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