Neil L. Anderson

This week was totally crazy! Wednesday morning I had to take my companion to the hospital, because she was throwing up for 2 days straight. They gave her an iv with anti nausea medicine and sent us home haha, oh Brasil. I made a little soup for her, and some jello The next day she was good as new! Hooray! Back to work!

We have been really praying and working hard to get new investigators, and you know what, the lord really leads you when you seek His help. We ran into a young woman who was really searching for answers in her life! She knows a lot of members of the church, and even went to church one time 7 years ago. the spirit was so strong, and you can just feel when you have been placed at the right place in the right time.
We had a missionary return from the mission, and one who leaves tomorow! There is a lot of power in this little branch! The Elders also had a baptism!
This week we get to have a conferencesept-6 with Neil L Anderson! He is coming to our mission, and for the first time we will all be together as a mission! I cant wait! What a treat! We are so blessed!
I love you!
-Sister Sinclair

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