Holy cow! This week was great! We made a lot of progress with the investigators that we have, and even marked a baptism date! Holy cow!

Necca is going to get baptized! She kicked out her boyfriend! and my investigator Greyce in Santiago got baptized on Saturday!
We are also working with a family, and the daughter has been going to seminary for two weeks!
The Lord really prepares a way for every one of his children! I love this work, and am so thankful to be a part of it.

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This week started out a rainy one, and turned into an amazing one! We had more rain than I think that I have ever seen in my life continuously! I love my boots! They have saved my life!

So for the district meeting I made DeLonna’s cookies! From memory! And they were perfect! I felt like I was at home! Serious! President Louza got his hands on one, and asked me if I could make them for all the missionaries for C

We worked so hard this week, and the Lord placed 5 FAMILIES in our path that were ready to hear the gospel! That dosent happen. We have been extremely blessed with the opportunity to help these people come unto christ. I love this work, and am so greatful for the blessing of health and strength to fulfill my call as a missionary.
-Sister Sinclair



Hey Guys! This week has been a really awesome one! It rained so much! Haha! On Saturday our feet were totally soaked all day! The good thing is that it wasn’toct-18_4oct-18_5oct-18_9oct-18_10oct-18_6oct-18_7oct-18_8dsc06770 cold! What a blessing! It is starting to heat up here! I am way excited! It was great!

We had splits with a returned missionary, and it was a really great! I was able to get some good advice from her, and remember how short this time really is!
 I  We have an investigator named Neca. She is really progressing in the gospel. It is really amazing to see the change in someones counenance!
i just love serving the Lord. I know that he lives, and he leads and guides us. Being a missionary is a special experience! I dont want to lose one minute!
Until next week!
-Sister Sinclair


I just love transfers! We get to start over again with everything! I got transferred

to Camobi, a little area in Santa Maria. We are 40 minutes from the center of the city. My companion is from Chile! Sister Muñoz. She was companions with Sister Barboza, and is super amazing! She has been in the field 1 year and 2 months.

Oh crazy Story! Yesterday I woke up at like 5 am to use the bathroom, and when i went to put on my flip flops, I felt a “splash” “What???” I stepped again, “splash!” Our floor was covered in water!!!! I woke up my companion, and we found out that the water came from the washing machine! We spent the next hour cleaning up water! haha it was so funny! We were laughing so hard! You never know what will happen when you are on the mission!
I love serving the lord, and It is so great that we find joy in the little things!
I love you!
-Sister Sinclair

Hey Ya-all! This week has been way beyond awesome! We had a family night with one of our investigators Greyce, and her husband Doglas who is less active. We had a lesson about how short our lives really are. I tied a string across the room and put a little black dot on the center, which represented our mortal life, and how short it really is. Our decisions here determine our eternal happiness. I made american lasagna, and they LOVED it and ate all of it!

We visited greyce every day this week and she is progressing. She said that after that night she felt like she didn’t want to drink coffee, and hasn’t since. She is my same age, and has the sweetest little baby ever! Rafinha.
I love love love Santiago! This city is so special. I will definitely miss this place! I am getting transferred to Santa Maria!
Conference was amazing! The speakers were definitely inspired, and said what I needed to hear. It is such a pleasure to be inspired and lifted every six months.
Today marks 8 months in the mission field! Yeah! Oh how time flies! I love you have a fantastic week!

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