So this week was halloween, and here in Brasil, they dont really celebrate Halloween, but they have a holiday on Nov 2 that is called Dia dos Finados. Which is basically when everyone goes to the cemetery to remember those who have passed on. So what where the missionaries doing that day? Procelyting in the cemetery of course! It was an interesting experience to say the least!

One crazy thing, is that the tombs are above ground, and they build little houses for the dead, to put candles and pictures inside. We found a toumb with a huge crack, and through the crack, you could see the wood cascet, and the light on the other side! Holy cow! Crazy stuff!
This week was extremely hot! it reminds me a little bit of China, really humid, and Hot, but its all good! I love it here!
This week I hit my half way mark! Woo Hoo! I honestly can not beleive that I have been a missionary for 9 months! So that exact day, me, and the other American sisters from my group all had to meet up at the Santa Maria police station to renew our visas! It was so crazy! It was a great big unexpected reunion! An amazing experience to see how far each of us have come! What we have learned, and how much we have changed and grown. The last time that we all talked together was in english, and now we are all completely fluent. We also celebrated with icecream! I love serving the Lord here in Santa Maria, and cant wait to reunite with all of you guys in just 9 short months!
I know that heavenly father loves His children, and that this work is so important.
-Sister Sinclair

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