So I have a really funny story that started out our week! So here in Brasil it rains a whole bunch! and there is one type of rain that is like mist that is called garoa. So when we left our house it was raining garoa, and we were all geared up, rain boots, rain jackets and umbrella. We were walking on this big highway to arrive at our lunch appointment that was 45 minutes away. So we are walking walking walking, the cars are passing, when all of the sudden a giant trucker passes, and the wind behind it was so strong that it broke our umbrella into pieces! It inverted, and broke in like 6 different places! I looked over at my companion, and said, ” Hey, I think that our umbrella is broken…” We both started laughing so hard, and got a little wet that day. It was so great!

This week I have really learned the importance of working with members! We have a recent convert who is the only member in his family, and our ward mission leader suggested that we visit his dad. So that day we went with our ward mission leader to their house, and had a lesson with him that was really inspired. We invited him to church the next day, and to our surprise He came! It was an amazing thing!
I got to give a talk yesterday! My second talk as a missionary, my first talk that I gave in Portuguese was my first week in the field! It was really awesome to reflect on everything, and really share my love for the gospel!
We had a choir practice at the presidents house yesterday with a small group of missionaries, because we will sing at a conference on Thursday, and after the practice we had a small training that was so inspirational. I really felt edified, and a true desire to do more.
I love my savior, I know that He lives, and that we are doing His work. I love you guys, and hope that you have a fantastic thanksgiving! Eat lots of pumpkin pie! i think that it is the one thing that I will miss the most!
Of Note: Olympic Renovation for planter
                 Street Sign – Ammon’s Birthday
                Watermelon is huge

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