Super Legit

The church is doing something a little different this year for their Christmas videos. There are 25 videos one for each day and each one has a service that we can do to be more like Christ! If you haven´t had a chance to see them yet, go look it up! You wont regret it, because they are Super Legit!dec-3-1dec-3-2dec-3-3

Note Hunter’s B-Day on the sign!
I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNTY!!!! I hope you have the best 16th birthday ever! Now you can go on dates, and drive! What the heck?
So this week I had the opportunity to meet a little one with disabilities, she is paralyzed and tube fed, and I couldnt help but think of bryce and analise. A whole bunch of memories came rushing back! I was extremely greatful for the experience and her mom even let me feed her. I love these little ones, and they really bring a special spirit into the home.
I love you guys!
-Sister Sinclair

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