Halo! Merry Christmas!

This week was so great! It started out with a christmas package that had a bunch of American candy! Which was awesome!  I decided to give some to an investgator that we have named Flavia, she is 14 years old, and had just lost her grandpa to cancer two days earlier. So we talked about life after death, and how she can see him again one day. It was really crazy, because I have never taught someone who had such a recent death. It was really spiritual, and the holy Ghost was guiding us to really comfort one of His daughters in need. We finished the prayer, and I said, Flavia, I have a surprise for you! Her eyes lit right up, and I pulled out the candy. It made her whole day! Mom you were super inspired! Thank you!
So on friday I got a call from the AP saying that I will be training! I was shocked! I cant even believe it! I am so excited, nervous anxious for this great opportunity! I sm really humbled by this great privelege!
I got to talk to my family! It was so so so good! Ammo is leaving for his mission, Sadie is tall, and hunter is driving and dating! WOW! I love my family so much! I love all of you guys!
-Sister Sinclairdec-27-1

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