Hey you guys! This week has been really awesome! We found a giant spider, I got locked in the bathroom, learned how to make tapioca and almost got ran over by a car!

We are working with a young couple that are progressing. They will get married this next month so that they can be baptized.

We also got a new schedule as missionaries. Here in our mission we will be waking up at 7am, and arriving at home 10pm. The first presidency made an announcement about more flexibility for our schedule. I am so so excited!
I love this work, and everything about it.
-Sister Sinclair


10 Fold

Wow this week was a crazy one! So when this transfer started, my area got cut in half,(it was the biggest area in the mission) and we get to stay in the area that I hadn’t really worked a whole lot, so it has been really fun working to get new investigators, and finding less actives!

So on Sunday we went to pick up an investigator for church, but it didn’t work out, so we were walking to the chapel, when I said, lets go see if Tania is home (less active) so we went and picked her up, she was all ready! When we were walking to church, she said that she knew that we were coming. She woke up and took a shower and was waiting for us! Crazy right?
The brother whose house burnt down, has been blessed 10 fold. They received so much support that they are donating supplies, refrigerators and food to people in need. They also start reconstruction today to build a new house.
Being a missionary is sometimes hard, sometimes crazy, but it is so great!
I love you Ammo! Good Luck! You’re gonna kill it out there in Africa!
-Sister Sinclair


I totally turned 20

So this week I totally turned 20! It was so crazy! Wow! I cant even believe it! It was crazy, because that day nobody wanted to talk to us. Nobody! We talked with everyone possible, but despite our efforts no one wanted to hear our message.

One of the members in our ward had their house catch on fire. It was really really sad. They lost everything. including employment, because their house is a restaurant. The good news is that everyone is all right! This family is so amazing! We spent Christmas eve with them, and they are always looking to help others. Sometimes we ask why bad things happen to good people. It is really hard sometimes, but the lord has His had in everything,the entire ward showed up within an hour to help them.
I know that heavenly father lives, and that he has a plan that is perfect. We just have to trust in Him He guides us when we allow him to.jan-8-1jan-8-2jan-8-3

I am a Trainer!

Guess what! I get the amazing opportunity to train a new missionary! Her name is Sister Lacerda. She is Brazilian, and the sweetest thing ever! I just love her to pieces! She is 19 years old, and has an amazing testimony!

So new things that happened this week, My area got split in half, and we lost more than half of our investigators! It was so sad. But the good news is that now we have 4 sisters in our ward! Woo hoo! Our house is a party! Its cray! I love it!
I got to show everyone around, because I am the only one that stayed here, it was kinda funny I felt like a tour guide!
It is really hot and humid now that it is summer! Wow Its like a giant sauna! 24 hours a day! I sometimes cant sleep because its so hot.
We have a young man in our ward that will be a short time missionary. He will serve here, but in another city for 1 month. We set him off today. He was so excited! Hes going to do great!
This week was really cool, because I got to reflect on how much I have changed as a person here on the mission. I love sharing the gospel and being close to Jesus Christ.
-Sister Sinclair