I am a Trainer!

Guess what! I get the amazing opportunity to train a new missionary! Her name is Sister Lacerda. She is Brazilian, and the sweetest thing ever! I just love her to pieces! She is 19 years old, and has an amazing testimony!

So new things that happened this week, My area got split in half, and we lost more than half of our investigators! It was so sad. But the good news is that now we have 4 sisters in our ward! Woo hoo! Our house is a party! Its cray! I love it!
I got to show everyone around, because I am the only one that stayed here, it was kinda funny I felt like a tour guide!
It is really hot and humid now that it is summer! Wow Its like a giant sauna! 24 hours a day! I sometimes cant sleep because its so hot.
We have a young man in our ward that will be a short time missionary. He will serve here, but in another city for 1 month. We set him off today. He was so excited! Hes going to do great!
This week was really cool, because I got to reflect on how much I have changed as a person here on the mission. I love sharing the gospel and being close to Jesus Christ.
-Sister Sinclair

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