10 Fold

Wow this week was a crazy one! So when this transfer started, my area got cut in half,(it was the biggest area in the mission) and we get to stay in the area that I hadn’t really worked a whole lot, so it has been really fun working to get new investigators, and finding less actives!

So on Sunday we went to pick up an investigator for church, but it didn’t work out, so we were walking to the chapel, when I said, lets go see if Tania is home (less active) so we went and picked her up, she was all ready! When we were walking to church, she said that she knew that we were coming. She woke up and took a shower and was waiting for us! Crazy right?
The brother whose house burnt down, has been blessed 10 fold. They received so much support that they are donating supplies, refrigerators and food to people in need. They also start reconstruction today to build a new house.
Being a missionary is sometimes hard, sometimes crazy, but it is so great!
I love you Ammo! Good Luck! You’re gonna kill it out there in Africa!
-Sister Sinclair



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