1 Year !

Wow! The day that I never thought would arrive has come! Happy late half birthday dad!….and I have officially been a missionary for 1 year! A year ago I boarded a plane, and arrived in Brasil. I knew one word in Portuguese, (Janela) and I was scared out of my mind! Today I feel like I have been a Missionary my entire life. I have a hard time remembering what it was like to not talk about the gospel 24 hours a day. I love this work, and am so thankful that I can server Him.

This week we had a family night of miracles. We were also able to mark a baptism date with Delta, and she is going to get married!
-Sister Sinclair
Funny side note: I am known as the sister that cooks really well, haha! Thanks dad, and grandma for all of the training!

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