It will all be worth it!

This was definitely a week of ups and downs. We had a baptism marked for Saturday that fell through at the last second. Flavias mom said that she no longer wanted her daughter to be baptized. It was completely unexpected and devastating. I have never felt so sad on my mission. When someone has a testimony, and because of the choices of others can not progress.

 That was the down, but this week was full of ups! On Saturday we made contact with a lady on the street, and invited her to church, and she came! We also had a lesson with a family that went to church! It was so crazy! Things like that never happen. The Lord allows things to happen in His time and in His way. Which is not always what we want or expect, but it will all be worth it in the long run.
I love this work. I cant even begin to express the pure joy that I feel because I am a representative of christ. I love you! Good luck with all the house stuff!
-Sister Sinclair

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