Hello to all and a Happy Easter! I hope that it was as great for you as it was for me and Sister Lacerda! We got a whole bunch of chocolate it was fantastic!

So here in Brasil, Sexta Feira Santa (good Friday) is more sacred than Easter! It is crazy stuff! Everyone eats fish (no meat)  and doesn’t work! It is especially funny, because many people believe that if they keep good Friday then they’ll be saved, even if they don’t keep the other commandments.
We helped out with a primary activity on Saturday that was very similar with what mom does every Easter with the eggs that tell the Jesus story. It was so stinking cute! I made deviled eggs and Sister Lacerda loved them!
We got rained out yet again, and it is starting to cool down! Wow!
We are teaching a really awesome family that went to church with us and loved it!
So this whole week last week my head was so itchy, I thought that I had an allergy or something, but when I went to take a shower I discovered that I had lice! AHHHH! I wanted to die! So we went to the pharmacy, and I bought anti lice shampoo, and that tiny brush and went to town. Holy cow! I remembered that time when Sadie got lice and mom went all crazy washing everything! I was totally her! Haha! It was so crazy!
Be prepared for anything on the mission, I really liked a phrase that Ammo said in his letter, “Don’t do something half way, because it doesn’t serve you or anyone. Give it your all”  I love serving a mission and am so thankful!
-Sister Sinclair
PS We get transfer calls this week, and I will most likely be transferred, but anything can happen:)
April 18-1April 18-3April 18-2

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