So on Thursday I got a call from Elder Mckee, and guess what! I am going to train again! I am so excited! I loved training Sister Lacerda, and now I get to train again! But that isn’t the best part! Sister Lacerda is going to train too! Wow what an honor! Right out of being trained, she will train!

  Can you believe that I have been here in Santa Maria in Camobi for 7 months? Pretty crazy stuff! I love it here! but my time has come to an end….. and I will be returning to the lovely city of Santiago. The last time I was there I was serving in the branch, but now I will be serving in the ward in the city center. I get to open and area where I don’t know anyone, or anything, while at the same time training a new missionary! Wow! Its gonna be a wild ride, but I am excited for the challenge! I know that heavenly father will lead and guide us to the people who need His gospel.
One of our investigators here will be baptized on saturday, and life is good! I love this work, and I love my savoir.
-Sister Sinclair
April 24-2April 24-1

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