So we are two weeks into training, and Sister Souza is turning into a really great missionary. I just love her so much.

So this week she was feeling homesick, and having a hard time making street contacts. She was all “I am not cut out for this, the mission is not for me. I want to go home.” I was kinda didnt know what to do, so I gave her a few words of encouragement, and told her that it is tough for everyone at the begining, and that she should just hang in there, but i could see that my words were not doing it for her. I was praying silently that the Lord could comfort her. So we continued our day, had a couple of lessons, and were in a members house, when our phone started ringing. I grabbed it, and saw that it was president Louza! I answered “Hi President!” “hi Sister Sinclair, how are you?” “I am good” “And how is your companion? I felt that she needed to talk to me, so  I called.” I handed the phone to Sister Souza, and she said that all was well, hung up the phone, and we left the members house. She started crying and we both marveled at this miracle that the lord gave to us. I know that He answers our prayers through simple ways. It was exactly what we needed.
the youth in our ward are so excited to do this work, and we have so many members willing to help. We have an investigator named Thiader (chee add er) that wants to be baptized this week, and we will get the okay from his mom.
-Sister Sinclair
May 8-1May 8-2

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