Soccer Message

This week was pretty good! We had divisions, and I stayed in our area with Sister Gibson, from my group! It was so great! We got to catch up, and everything. I just loved it. We were able to encounter a whole bunch of new people! We also had a family night in the chapel that was a total success! There are always a whole bunch of young men at the church playing soccer, and we gave a message in the middle of the court.

So as I have shared a little bit, this time around training has been a little more complicated than the last, My companion has had a little bit of a harder time adjusting to missionary life. Sister Gibson gave me a few tips on how I can better help my companion grow, become, and get out of her comfort zone. i love being able to have part in the becoming of a missionary, because you see the progress, you see the change that happens within all good missionaries. I am so thankful to heavenly Father that he has given me this chance twice on my mission!
So when we do divisions here in Santiago there are only a few busses that pass durring the week for Cruz Alta, so when Sister Gibson Left, she had to catch the bus at 6 am, and my companion would only arrive at 7pm! As we are the only sisters in this city, I studied alone, ate breakfast, and then in the afternoon I went to a members house. It was so strange for me! haha!
I love missionary work! I am so thankful for the change that is still working within me, and that I have this special experience!

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