See you all soon!!!

So This week was crazy! Rosane that was going to get baptized on Saturday fell through. Her mom was having health problems because she was so stressed out about her baptism. It was so sad. She is more scared to let her mom down than to be baptized, We have also been working really hard to get new investigators, and really help our ward unify

It is so weird being so close to ending my mission. I don’t want it to end! I love it so much! I cant even believe that this time has passed by so fast.
Huntie I am so proud of you!
Grandma and grandpa, I am praying for your health.
-Sister Sinclair
July 3-4July 3-5

Miracle Investigator

Hey yáll! We started out this week with Zone Conference here in Santiago! It was so crazy! My very last conference on the mish! Is this real life? Time passes by so fast! So guess what! At our conference President Louza was joking around with Sister Neves about staying another transfer, and she was all, Yeah I could stay one more, and he was all seriously? And she said yes! So they called her parents and she is staying until August! Wow Crazy stuff! I also got to see sister Lacerda! I missed her so much! It was awesome!

So I dont know if you guys remember, but when I was serving in the branch here last year we had an investigator, Senhor Delmar that couldnt get baptized, because he killed a man like 40 years ago. He met the missionaries about 3 years ago, and has been going to church for 3 years waiting to get approved for his baptism. The day finally arrived, and I was able to assist his baptism! Guess who he chose to baptise him! President Louza! How Crazy! It was so great!
We also had divisions, and I got to go to Santa Maria for the 2nd to last time! Yay! It was so great! I got to see some missionaries that I havent seen in a while, and even teach an english class! I also met a really awesome girl, and taught a lesson on the bus!
We are working with a miracle investigator named Rosane. So two fridays ago we had all of our appointments fall through, and were walking to an address, when I looked to my right and saw a house that the thought came through my mind, “Someone who lives here is going to be a member of the church” we knocked, and a woman answered the door. Rosane. She just got divorced, and is really wanting to make changes in her life. She is amazing, and has gone to church twice so far. She is all set to get baptized this week. We were placed in the right place at the right time to be instruments in the lords hands.
I love all the little miracles that we see every day! I love being a missionary.
-Sister Sinclair

Here comes the Son

Wow! So after two weeks of straight rain the sun made an appearance on Thursday till Saturday! It was so amazing! What a blessing the sun is in our lives! I missed it so so much! Sunday rained again, and its cloudy now, but I have really gained an appreciation for the sun! And also I was able to reflect on the son. He is the light of the world, and it is through him that we can have life. I love my savior, and am thankful for the atoning sacrifice that gives us the opportunity to become new creatures and change our nature.

So Sister Souza is getting transfered to Ijui, and I will be companions with Sister Neves (Snow) She will end her mission with me at the end of this transfer!wow! I am so thankful that I get to serve a mission. I love this work so much. It is truly amazing. It changes us as people.
-Sister Sinclair

Soccer Message

This week was pretty good! We had divisions, and I stayed in our area with Sister Gibson, from my group! It was so great! We got to catch up, and everything. I just loved it. We were able to encounter a whole bunch of new people! We also had a family night in the chapel that was a total success! There are always a whole bunch of young men at the church playing soccer, and we gave a message in the middle of the court.

So as I have shared a little bit, this time around training has been a little more complicated than the last, My companion has had a little bit of a harder time adjusting to missionary life. Sister Gibson gave me a few tips on how I can better help my companion grow, become, and get out of her comfort zone. i love being able to have part in the becoming of a missionary, because you see the progress, you see the change that happens within all good missionaries. I am so thankful to heavenly Father that he has given me this chance twice on my mission!
So when we do divisions here in Santiago there are only a few busses that pass durring the week for Cruz Alta, so when Sister Gibson Left, she had to catch the bus at 6 am, and my companion would only arrive at 7pm! As we are the only sisters in this city, I studied alone, ate breakfast, and then in the afternoon I went to a members house. It was so strange for me! haha!
I love missionary work! I am so thankful for the change that is still working within me, and that I have this special experience!

So we are two weeks into training, and Sister Souza is turning into a really great missionary. I just love her so much.

So this week she was feeling homesick, and having a hard time making street contacts. She was all “I am not cut out for this, the mission is not for me. I want to go home.” I was kinda didnt know what to do, so I gave her a few words of encouragement, and told her that it is tough for everyone at the begining, and that she should just hang in there, but i could see that my words were not doing it for her. I was praying silently that the Lord could comfort her. So we continued our day, had a couple of lessons, and were in a members house, when our phone started ringing. I grabbed it, and saw that it was president Louza! I answered “Hi President!” “hi Sister Sinclair, how are you?” “I am good” “And how is your companion? I felt that she needed to talk to me, so  I called.” I handed the phone to Sister Souza, and she said that all was well, hung up the phone, and we left the members house. She started crying and we both marveled at this miracle that the lord gave to us. I know that He answers our prayers through simple ways. It was exactly what we needed.
the youth in our ward are so excited to do this work, and we have so many members willing to help. We have an investigator named Thiader (chee add er) that wants to be baptized this week, and we will get the okay from his mom.
-Sister Sinclair
May 8-1May 8-2

Hit the ground running!

Wooo hooo! Guess what! I am back in Santiago! On Wednesday I got my new trainee! Sister Souza! She is from the Acre, which is a really remote place here in Brasil. She is super sweet and full of greenie energy! We arrived in Santiago late that night to a member awaiting to take us home. Wow! it was so great! We didn’t have to call a taxi or anything!

So I was a little nervous to open an area, but the sisters who left, left our house and area in perfect order! They left info about each of our investigators, It was so amazing! Sister Souza and I hit the ground running. We have an investigator that is really progressing, and has a vision for baptism soon. We are working with the youth in our ward, and doing our best!

Training again is pretty cool. I am liking it so far, and am excited! I love this work, and I know that it is of God.

-Sister Sinclair