So on Thursday I got a call from Elder Mckee, and guess what! I am going to train again! I am so excited! I loved training Sister Lacerda, and now I get to train again! But that isn’t the best part! Sister Lacerda is going to train too! Wow what an honor! Right out of being trained, she will train!

  Can you believe that I have been here in Santa Maria in Camobi for 7 months? Pretty crazy stuff! I love it here! but my time has come to an end….. and I will be returning to the lovely city of Santiago. The last time I was there I was serving in the branch, but now I will be serving in the ward in the city center. I get to open and area where I don’t know anyone, or anything, while at the same time training a new missionary! Wow! Its gonna be a wild ride, but I am excited for the challenge! I know that heavenly father will lead and guide us to the people who need His gospel.
One of our investigators here will be baptized on saturday, and life is good! I love this work, and I love my savoir.
-Sister Sinclair
April 24-2April 24-1

Hello to all and a Happy Easter! I hope that it was as great for you as it was for me and Sister Lacerda! We got a whole bunch of chocolate it was fantastic!

So here in Brasil, Sexta Feira Santa (good Friday) is more sacred than Easter! It is crazy stuff! Everyone eats fish (no meat)  and doesn’t work! It is especially funny, because many people believe that if they keep good Friday then they’ll be saved, even if they don’t keep the other commandments.
We helped out with a primary activity on Saturday that was very similar with what mom does every Easter with the eggs that tell the Jesus story. It was so stinking cute! I made deviled eggs and Sister Lacerda loved them!
We got rained out yet again, and it is starting to cool down! Wow!
We are teaching a really awesome family that went to church with us and loved it!
So this whole week last week my head was so itchy, I thought that I had an allergy or something, but when I went to take a shower I discovered that I had lice! AHHHH! I wanted to die! So we went to the pharmacy, and I bought anti lice shampoo, and that tiny brush and went to town. Holy cow! I remembered that time when Sadie got lice and mom went all crazy washing everything! I was totally her! Haha! It was so crazy!
Be prepared for anything on the mission, I really liked a phrase that Ammo said in his letter, “Don’t do something half way, because it doesn’t serve you or anyone. Give it your all”  I love serving a mission and am so thankful!
-Sister Sinclair
PS We get transfer calls this week, and I will most likely be transferred, but anything can happen:)
April 18-1April 18-3April 18-2

I love this work!

Hey! This week started out a little rocky, but ended super well! We are trying to get new investigators right now, so we spent a lot of time on the street contacting addresses.

We had divisions (Splits) with Sister Christensen, and Ançay. I got to go with Sister Christensen, it was so awesome, because we arrived together! We taught an English class, and a piano class in the stake center, it was way funny, because both of us know practically no piano, so it was kinda funny! It was really great! We ended the week amazingly with  conference! I love this work!
-Sister sinclair


So this week was really good! We got a new district leader, and Elder Fernando (from Mozambique) got transferred to our ward! He is way legit, and is from the city that Ammo is in, Beira. We also got a new investigator named Bia, she is really awesome, and has a whole lot of potential. Delta just finished reading the book of Mormon, and loved the women’s conference!

I am excited to work hard, and give it my all to do the work that I need to here in Camobi!

We played volley ball, and it was a blast! I was in heaven!
I love you Mcsaysay! Happy 14th birthday! You are so stinking old! I cant even stand it! I love you so so much!
-Sister Sinclair
March 27-2March 27-1


Heyyy! This week was our last week of this transfer, and I was getting all ready to be transferred, because I have been here for 4 transfers, which is extremely rare. I was preparing to get transferred, but then on Tuesday morning I woke up, and I felt very distinctly that I would be staying, and I just went about my day, when it was about 4 pm, the president called, and asked me how I was doing in my area, if I was good or what, and if I felt like I would be transferred. I told him that I was good, and that I would do whatever the Lord needs of me, then he asked me “no Sister Sinclair, how are you feeling at this moment? I told him what had happened that morning, and he said ‘that is exactly what I needed to know. I had placed you in another area, but today I was looking and I just felt like you had one more thing to do there, but I did know for sure if it was just in my head. Now I know that it was the Holy Ghost.

I know that God has a plan for everything he does, and I am so so thankful that I get to stay in Camobi!
March 21-1March 21-2March 21-3


This week was miraculous! We got rained out We had a wedding and 3 baptisms. Arlon and Regina got married on the 7th, and baptized on the 10th. We had a surprise wedding cake at the baptism for them, and they were so excited. Dionatas got to baptize his whole family. He was so excited, because he thought that this day would never come. It was a miracle!

This week was so rainy! It was crazy! We were on our way to church calling investigators, and we had to wade through a knee deep puddle! Our phone fell in the water, and when we picked it up it was still functioning! Wow!
I know that conversion is real, and that heavenly father blesses us when we are obedient.
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