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Yay!!! So exciting! I cant wait to go out into the campo! Sorry! I am super short on time this week! So here are a few highlights!

Cereal day is thursdays! Oh how I love cereal day! I think that I love cereal too much!
We Had Chuhasco (BBQ) Soooo delicious! It reminded me of home and carne asada! Sooo much love! I literally cant even express it! I am going to be in the land of Chuhasco with the Gauchos (cowboys)! It was created there! Can Not Wait!!!!!
I take my Sriracha to meals…. and Im proud hehe! The food here is the opposite of spicy, but its super flavorful and yummy!
We had daylight savings, so our time moved back an hour! We got to sleep an extra hour on saturday night!!! It was amazing!
My instructor is the bomb! He is super legit! He kinda reminds me of Dad! He is very direct, and will give it to you how it is. He talks a lot about learning, improving and moving forward. In portugese the phrase is: Aprender + Mudar = Seguir em Frente
 We went proselyting this week, and me and sister Thueson gave out 10 Books of Mormon. It was so great! It was crazy! She took a semester of portugese before the mish, and she has helped me a ton with everything, but during proselyting I was the one that talked to all of the people! I have been relying so much on my Savior and am so thankful that He is blessing me in learning this language. Through Him all things are possible.
We had an amazing devotional by the Brazil area president, and I understood it! I can now carry on conversations. I am learning more quickly than I could ever have asked for. Ether 12:27
I love the spirit that I am able to have with me as a representative of Jesus Christ. This is His work and I am just His hands. I cant wait for the feild! I cant wait to learn, change and move forward in this sacred work.
I love you soooo much! Have a fantastic week, and send me pictures.

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This week has been great! First time that I have been able to speak without translating each individual word one at a time! Yay!!!!!

On Tuesday we spent all morning to the police depot, and we got our fingerprints taken and a bunch of crazy legal work! Crazy!
So this week has been so funny! I feel like all I do is laugh! My maroon dress dyed my garments pink, and the same thing happened to a couple of other people so we asked one of the English speaking Brazilian elders get some vinegar for us so that we could set our clothes, and we thought he was going to ask the kitchen, but he just poured some into a cup! ha ha! We could have done that! I sent another story to Taryn, get that from her. oh and during service I had a cockroach crawl up my shoe! EEEEEWWWWW! So gross! Haha! During exercise when it was raining we did abs whilst shouting out conjugations! Haha! I actually learned a lot!
So my two instructors: Irma Baker is pregnant and so sweet and adorable
Irmao Ettmuller was #1 in the world in jujitzu when he was 17.
It is great here still learning a ton I love you all!